Art Galleries

A blog about Art without Galleries? Absurd!

Although there is an element of Art involved in my work, Creative Art without the aid of a computer is one of my passions. I feel very lucky that the skills acquired as a direct result of my work allow me to use the power of the internet to showcase my passion for Creative Art.

There is also an incredible wealth of information and library of other artists work just waiting to be discovered on the WWW and being a part of that beautiful tapestry is both inspirational and motivational for me. It's just as exciting to discover beautiful Art as it is to create it!

So, as well as sharing my own work with anyone interested in viewing, I am delighted to share any and all resources I continue to discover out there in the hope of enriching the perpetual stream of visual beauty so it may continue to enthrall the fresh, hungry eyes of the future.

Art is the gentle breath that has inspired, encouraged and uplifted our souls since time immemorial and will always be a fundamental part of who and what we are...

Art Galleries