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Monday, February 06, 2012

3 NEW Original Art pieces now available!

Moment of Truth

Three new pastel paintings by Tracie are now available to purchase. The first, Moment of Truth is a beautifully detailed picture of a wolfs eye on white Clairefontaine Pastelmat. Tracie says, "Moment of Truth represents betrayal. There is a split second when the betrayal of trust is realised. Here, a young wolf sees his Moment of Truth just as the trigger of a hunting rifle is squeezed..."

Face To Face

The second piece, Face To Face, is another in Tracies Grey Wolf series. Tracie says, "This particular Grey Wolf painting captures that heart stopping moment when you come Face To Face with an unexpected and, possibly, highly dangerous situation; everything appears to be moving in slow motion and the only sound you can hear is that of your heart pounding in your ears. Every sense is heightened, adrenalin surges through your body and your mind begins to race. You have to make a choice but find yourself almost paralysed, unable to decide. What is your next move...?

The Howling

The third piece, The Howling, features a silhouetted wolf howling at a winter full moon, a rich orange/red/pink/blue sky reflected in patchy snow and silhouetted trees highlighted by the moonlight on dark blue Sennelier La Carte pastel card. Tracie says, "Although I wasn't considering Halloween when I began this piece, it was completed on 31st October, slightly delayed due to the flurry of very strange little characters wailing at my front door every few minutes, so I guess it finished up as a 'seasonal piece'!

All three paintings are also available as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints - check out the Wolf Art Gallery for more details.


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Marvelous painting. I like your good work. Paintings like this adds life to the Art gallery.

Thanks for this beautiful information …this is really very beautiful site.Love to see your blog….!

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