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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The fantastic DA.com!

Fellow Artists - how are you marketing your work? I have my own website but I have no idea how to get it in front of art buyers - I don't even know where the art buyers are!

I have also discovered a plethora of websites offering to showcase and sell art for artists around the world only to discover they're all pretty much the same. I pay my subscription fee...I upload my work...I wait for 'Lady Luck' to spot me and when, after several months, she still doesn't know I exist how do I feel? Disheartened and lonely! Sound familiar? Then, if you really are serious about selling your work, you will find the following information a breath of fresh air...and, no, I am not affiliated with these people in any way other than being one of the many registered artists benefitting from their knowledge, experience and, most importantly, PASSION FOR ART!

Allow me to introduce you to the fantastic DiscoveredArtists.com and share my DA.com experience with you!


After registering on their website, I spent a few minutes exploring several video-blog entries by Brian Walker, Artist Relations Manager at DA.com which gave me some incredibly useful information about what I could do to help market my work better. I learned how adding additional images for each of my pieces showing close up detail would help art lovers make decisions about buying; I learned about the benefits of an upgraded membership option that would promote my work far and wide; I learned about the work going on behind the scenes on behalf of artists like me and I learned what I had do to ensure I received the full benefit of the DA.com teams knowledge and expertise. I began to realise I had found something different, powerful, exciting PLUS people who CARED about the artists they represented!

Gateway to the Soul

I immediately upgraded my account, uploaded additional pictures for pieces already on the the DA.com site and began adding some of my recent work. What happened next? Something really amazing! Within 24 hours of uploading one particular piece, Gateway to the Soul, it had received over 2,000 unique views - all down to the efforts of the DA.com team busily promoting my work from behind the scenes! OVER 2,000 UNIQUE VIEWS! Now, if that isn't amazing, you tell me what is?! I cannot even begin to tell you how heartwarming and inspiring it is to have people who genuinely care about you and your art, in your corner, rooting like crazy for you! No more feeling frustrated or downhearted - how on earth could I with so much support and encouragement?

My story doesn't end there, though. Apart from the great tips and advice I received from viewing the video-blog entries, I also learned a great deal about Brian Walker himself. Brian is someone who will go that extra mile on behalf of the artists he represents and art lovers who want to buy. His philosophy of absolute transparency within DA.com, along with his undeniable integrity, inspires trust in artists and buyers alike. As an artist, trusting the person representing me is an absolute priority - even more so when there are thousands of miles between us. It is equally important the art buyers he comes into contact with trust him - after all, they are, potentially, my customers too.

Brian also has an incredibly rich artistic and creative background - experience that is now proving to be invaluable in his role as Artist Relations Manager at DA.com. But more than that, Brian is so embroiled in the process of showcasing and promoting art to the appropriate audiences that he doesn't consider what he does to be work - he is living his passion.

As web developers, Paul and I spend a huge amount of time working with people who are "Just doing their job". We are passionate about what we do and, as such, find the growing "That'll do!" attitude frustrating and extremely challenging. Now and again, we meet someone who takes real pride in what they do; who is passionate about what they do; who believe "That'll do will NOT do!" Brian Walker is one of these people and I am delighted to have this opportunity to let the world (well, the Internet, anyway!) know how fantastic I think he and the whole team at DA.com are. Some may say I'm fortunate to have found them. I believe it is good Karma...and I suspect Brian may well agree with me!

As for all my artist friends? If you're serious about your art and serious about selling your art, DA.com are 100% committed to promoting you in all the right areas, in all the right ways and for all the right reasons. So, what are you waiting for? Go! Register! Do your bit and DA.com will do theirs!


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